How do I download or backup my MySQL Database?

There are various ways to export your MySQL databases for safe keeping or transfer. The first method allows you to backup multiple databases via your web control panel (CP) and the second on a per databases basis via phpMyAdmin.


The control panel provides an easy way to download all databases associated with your hosting package. To access this page:

- Access the Backup/Restore Page (CP > Files > Backup/Restore)
- Ensure "Databases" is checked under "Backup Type"
- Click "Create Backup".

A backup task will then be queued by our system and once completed a download link will be provided. This usually takes 1-2 minutes. You can then download a zip file containing all your MySQL databases from this interface.


The phpMyAdmin management software lets you import and export your databases. 

- Login to your database via phpMyAdmin (CP > Web Tools > phpMyAdmin) 
- Click the database you wish to backup down the left hand side
- Click the "Export" tab at the top of your page
- Leave "Quick" selected under Export Method
- Select your desired format - We recommend "SQL" for most cases
- Click "Go".

Within a few seconds a download should begin in your browser.

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